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"That is our hope and expectation." Other efforts to undo Obamas legacy could be harder. "AT YOUR PERIL" In his final weeks in office, Obama designated about 1.6 million acres in Utah and Nevada as national monuments, using the 1906 Antiquities Act that lawyers say could be complicated to reverse. The move was a parting gift to Native American groups and conservationists.[nL1N1EN182] Obama also banned new drilling in federal waters in parts of the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans using a 1950s-era law that environmental groups say would also require a drawn out court challenge to reverse.[nL1N1EF1K7] Republican lawmakers have promised to fight the moves. For some, the potential for expanded drilling signals economic revival. Others see more value in the land itself than the resources beneath it. One of the areas that Obama granted monument status last month is Bears Ears, a pair of iconic flat-top hills soaring out of ponderosa pine forests in Utah. Jonah Yellowman, a Navajo spiritual advisor for Utah Dine Bikeyah, a group representing five tribes, surveyed the landscape recently as he piloted his SUV down a dirt road. "What would happen if we lose this?" he asked. "Where are we going to go?" The area, he said, is central to the Navajo creation story and a symbol of his ancestors ability to listen to and heed spiritual guidance. It is also rich in minerals and petroleum, and Yellowman said tribes are bracing for Trump to try to reopen the land to development. "If that happens, were here to stand against it," he said.

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