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Blackjack words of wisdom: Do your homework

Other player-unfriendly rules include: Dealer hits Soft 17; player may double only on specified hands, such as a two-card total of 10 or 11; and player may not double after splitting. Even players who track down a good game and follow basic strategy can hurt themselves, Tamburin says. He specifically warns against progressive betting systems, in which a player increases her bet based on the outcome of the previous hand. “A progressive betting system isn't going to change the fact that you have a half-percent edge against you,” he explains. “The more you bet, and you're facing a half-percent house edge, the more you're going to lose.” Overbetting your bankroll is another common mistake, he says. He suggests that setting aside money specifically for gambling and not playing in a casino until you've amassed 100 times your base bet, or $1,000 for a $10 player. What if your local casino has rotten blackjack rules? “Don't play the game,” Tamburin says. “Save your money and take a trip to a casino location where they offer much fairer blackjack games.” In a sense, blackjack fans should celebrate that the game is so popular that casinos are unlikely to eliminate it. “If it was today's environment and somebody came up with the game of blackjack as we know it,” Tamburin says, “the casinos would never introduce that.” Mark Gruetze is the Tribune-Review's gambling columnist.

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MGM National Harbor changes some blackjack payouts to its advantage Michael Neibauer Associate Editor Washington Business Journal Michael Neibauer Associate Editor Washington Business Journal Some gamblers are not happy with MGM National Harbor, because they're winning less. Not necessarily less frequently, just less. The Baltimore Sun reported Friday that the new $1.4 billion resort and casino has changed the payouts on some of its blackjack tables, so that a player who hits blackjack (an ace plus a 10 or face card) is paid 6-5, instead of 3-2. On a $25 bet, that would mean $30 for the winner, instead of the usual $37.50. The lower payouts are typically set at tables with lower minimum betting requirements, and the casino continues to offer 3-2 tables. According to the Sun, MGM used a "new regulatory regime" to up its advantage. Under that regime, Maryland casinos are given more flexibility to determine their own rules at gaming tables. The paper reported that the revised process is designed to cut down on red tape and provide casinos the leeway to offer "a wider range of products." But some players are unhappy, as one told the Sun, "You've got to vote with your feet." So far, not many have, as MGM National Harbor welcomed 170,000 people its first week. The resort opened on Dec. 8. Bruno Mars is playing a show there on Tuesday night.

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Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley stands next to Danny Danon, Israel's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, as she tours what Israel says is a terror tunnel built by Hamas, near Israel's border with the Gaza Strip, in a handout picture taken on June 8, 2017. Matty Stern/Courtesy of U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv/Handout via REUTERS JERUSALEM Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Sunday for the dismantling of the U.N. agency that aids millions of Palestinian refugees, accusing it of anti-Israeli incitement and saying he had conveyed his message to the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Adnan Abu Hasna, a Gaza-based spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), said Netanyahu was pursuing a "fantasy". The United States, Israel's main ally, was the biggest donor to UNRWA last year, pledging $368 million. In public remarks to his cabinet at its weekly meeting, Netanyahu said UNRWA perpetuated, rather than solved, the Palestinian refugee problem and that anti-Israeli incitement was rife in its สโบเบท อนไลน์ ฟรีโบนัส 40% institutions, which includes schools. "It is time UNRWA be dismantled and merged with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees," Netanyahu said. Referring to a meeting he held in Jerusalem on Wednesday with Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Netanyahu said: "I told her it was time the United Nations re-examine UNRWA's existence." UNRWA was established by the U.N.

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